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More Than Athletes – Explained

Balance and perspective are underrated ideas.

More Than Athletes was birthed from a simple passion to be there for young people, at whatever place they are in during their life. We believe that with the increased attention, pressure and time that competitive athletics takes in a person’s life, it ultimately short-changes other aspects of the person’s true potential. Click below to read about the organization’s philosophy from Executive Director, Ben Keech.



Mission Statement

More Than Athletes recognizes that the athlete is truly complete when they succeed academically, when they give back to their communities, when they continuously cultivate family relationships and when they keep God first in their life.

Vision Statement

More Than Athletes – We seek to inspire athletes to find true success in life outside of their athletic achievements.

Value Statements

  1. We believe that all students have the capacity to learn and achieve academic success.
  2. We believe that learning how to win and how to lose borders upon many other aspects and “life lessons” off the court or off the field.
  3. We believe that a life that puts others before self is a life of immense value.
  4. We believe that keeping God at the center of one’s life helps guide all other areas of life.
  5. We believe that fellowship and friendship is the key to living life as a cohesive society, growing individually and collectively as a whole.