Together, let’s shake things up.

Let’s make athletics all that it can be.

Doing something part way is a waste of time. If you are going to step on the court, give it everything you have. Sports opens so many doors. Everyone knows the athletes. Some teammates end up helping you with employment in your adult life. Be thankful to the people that sacrificed to give you that chance. More Than Athletes is all about building the person’s athletic prowess but also showing them the correct way to treat their parents, coaches and officials. We cannot make sports about us. This is their life and their opportunity. We need to show young people how sportsmanship, hard work, and being a good teammate goes such a long way.

Athletics opens doors. It allows you to meet people that you would not have otherwise. Our players know that every relationship counts and can have a positive impact on future life endeavors. Athletics is the vehicle to get to a variety of destinations in life. Therefore we teach our athletes how to speak to adults, how to conduct themselves in a job interview, and even how to talk and have fun with referees. We cannot take ourselves so serious.

Therefore, effort matters. Playing basketball is the epitome of a battle. You must train. You must put others before yourself. You must respect your leaders. There will be good days and bad days. Victories and losses. You must stay humble and stay hungry. You can’t quit and must always persevere.

We are proud of our athletes. We have kids at different levels and different ages but the message does not change. The kids in our program are loved and we enjoy watching them put their heart and soul into their sport and come out on top. This really is what was the motivation to start More Than Athletes. While everything we said about sports we said is true, it is not enough. There was a pervasive feeling that we were only helping kids from a one-dimensional stand point. But when people find their purpose and realize that life is more than athletics, they will not only excel in sports, but in all areas of their life.

Together, let’s shake things up. Let’s make athletics all that it can be. We know that teaching how to win and lose translates to so many things in life. Let’s be a part of the solution. Let’s set the bar high that competitive people in competitive sports can do things the right way. Sometimes, we feel that we have lost ourselves and that is why we are doing this. There are a lot of good people that care about kids and we are going to do this right. Come and join us!


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