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More Than Athletes’ Basketball program is somewhat different from other clubs and programs you may have encountered in the past. First, we are a Christian organization who prioritizes God first in everything we do. Secondly, our staff coaches utilize a multi-disciplinary teaching approach that focuses on individual player development – to the best of their ability. Our goal is to help all our players reach their full potential both on and off the basketball court. We base this on not only the fundamentals of basketball, but also on the day-to-day interpersonal and developmental needs of our student-athletes.


Kansas Cavaliers (2nd Grade thru 5th Grade Teams)

The start of the Kansas Cavaliers had quite a bit to do with a famous basketball player deciding to leave the big lights of Miami, and come back to his roots in Ohio. It was nice that there were not any other local teams with that name and thus the Kansas Cavaliers were born.

The team started with 16 boys and has now grown to encompass over 150 players. The draw to the organization are our coaches. Marko Wilson and Martel Mahon head up an all-star group of coaches that take pride in the development of young people. The attraction to the Kansas Cavaliers is also the flexibility. Families can fit basketball into their schedule versus being told how basketball must fit into their schedule.


Kansas 76ers (5th Grade thru 9th Grade Teams)

The 76ers have developed into a solid club with great skill instruction coming from Bill Irwin and Marko Wilson. The boys play tournaments almost every weekend of the year and have shown a great passion for the game of basketball. Making their high school team is not automatic and the boys are working hard. They are also very receptive to the life lessons off the basketball court as life is changing for them every day. They have come to accept that having a strong foundation is crucial for their life development.


Shock Basketball (2nd Grade thru High School Teams)

The Shock started in 2011. With a superb coaching staff, Kelly Dennis manages over 100 girls throughout the year. Girls have the choice to play when their schedule dictates. Some girls play year-round and some will take off a season due to the love of another sport. With great practice sessions, Shock girls get better and get better fast. Many girls throughout Kansas City have made their mark on Shock Basketball and are now starring for their respective high school basketball programs.

Recent accomplishments include:

5th grade Division 2 Midwest Regional Championship
4th grade Division 1 Kansas State Championship
4th grade Division 1 Kansas State Championship runner-up (our top 2 Cavaliers teams played for the State Championship)
4th grade Division 2 Kansas State Championship
4th grade Division 1 Midwest Regional Championship
4th grade Division 2 Midwest Regional Championship
4th grade Division 2 Midwest Regional Championship runner up (our 2 D2 Cavaliers teams for the championship)
3rd grade Division 1 KC Keys Regional Tourney Championship
3rd grade Kansas D1 Midwest Regional Championship