Giving to others. Fellowship with friends. Mentoring young people. More Than Athletes seeks to bring communities and families together. Everyone reading this has people within our community who have needs. Those needs may be related to meeting family’s basic needs of survival, to providing individuals with an avenue to fulfill their purpose in life, to one on one mentorship with kids who need guidance and a friend. We believe that all people should give back. We also believe that we have far too many boys and girls without a solid man in their life and we take that problem very serious. Mentorship is vital to help our young people navigate through a culture that indoctrinates our children with mixed messages and an ideology that often time will take them down the wrong path in life. We want our athletes to understand that much has been done to get them where they are and we owe our community to give back.

More Than Athletes has a committee of caring adults with connections to families all around this great city that are in need and that we can help. To be a part of More Than Athletes, our parents will provide individual teams opportunities to give back. There are so many caring people that want to help others, want to teach their children to help others, and we are able to provide this opportunity to kind-hearted people all around the Kansas City area. Everyone wins when kids get out of their bubble and see the entire world around them. All of our teams will be involved in service projects.

How do you build community? Hanging out. Doing life together. Getting away from the court and just having fun. We love social events. Some will be with the whole family and some will just be a time for the adults to kick back and have some fun. We will have monthly Bible studies for those that can attend. When relationships are strengthened off of the court, the product on the court improves. When parents and coaches get to know each other away from the sport, there is a better level of respect during the sport. When the kids have times where they can just be kids and have fun there will realize that their value is much more than just as an athlete. There is an expiration date on being an athlete but no expiration on friendships that develop through connections in sport.

Life has a lot of twists and turns. It is impossible to navigate this maze without guidance. All guidance is not created equal. Some do not get as much and so kids are left on an island with no life raft. We have a solution to this problem that plagues communities all across Kansas City. We believe in the mentorship of young people. Through social media and being able to reach students where they are, trained coaches who develop solid relationships with their players, and mentors who are not going to give up on kids, we will meet students where they are. We will offer 1 on 1 mentorships plus events with the kids where we can reach into their lives and show them a better way. Our goal will be to bring in professional athletes and people of influence to show these kids a better way.

We are currently looking to host one event per month. If your church could allow us to use space, then please reach out and let us know!