Education: It’s a lot to ponder.

More Than Athletes is serious about learning.

Education is the key to success. The ticket to a life of providing for the people that you love the most. The life raft away from poverty and towards a life that gives you options and choices to live the life you always dreamed of. We take education serious.

Education is an interesting word. When mentioned we think of the classroom and the importance of everything associated with schools. We think of high school and college degrees and the beauty of educational achievement. This is only one side of the story. Education is about work ethic. Education is about getting trained after high school in an area that the student has interest. Education is about networking, learning to speak to adults, and making decisions between the ages of 16-22 so that ages 22-82 can be all that it can be! We must care about the student athlete. If you can shoot a layup but not read a book, you are not going anywhere. We want our athletes to look at themselves as scholar athletes. Grades matter. We will provide our athletes an academic safety net. We will have programs in place to help the young person with struggles they have in school.

More Than Athletes wants to bridge the gap with kids who need help and adults who would love to help. We care about school attendance. If the child does not go to school, then they are not going to practice. We know that school attendance has a direct correlation with academic success. We know there are kids across the great city of Kansas City that struggle with math and reading. While it may appear that the need is too great. We know the desire to help these children is far greater than the need. We just need to connect the dots. We need to create the bridge between the students who need help and the great people who are willing and ready to step in and show these young people that they can learn. More Than Athletes is the bridge. We are a group of teachers and adults who are passionate about young people and we will shamelessly use sports to impact young people’s reading, math, and ACT scores.

We are going to provide support for the parents of these student athletes. Sometimes parents are not for sure how to motivate or handle a child who is struggling. With teachers and principals becoming partners with More Than Athletes, we will have a structure in place not just to help the student but also the parent. We are available 7 days a week to talk with parents about the struggles their child may be having and develop real solutions for their family. Growth on the court is great, but when parents see their son or daughter excelling and gaining confidence in the classroom, the internal satisfaction for the parent and the child becomes immeasurable.

Join with us. You can help. This is a call to action for loving and caring people to step to the plate and be the difference. We are going to shake things up. We are going to expect our athletes to succeed. We will not accept failure. Stand with us. Volunteer! Donate! There are five kids on a team and on the court at one time. When it comes to education, there can never be too many helpers. Our sleeves are rolled up and let’s go to work. It is not easy. It will take more than a few people. But together, our children will be More Than Athletes!