What is YOUR purpose?

How do you find your purpose?

Purpose gives security. Purpose helps us to prioritize how we spend our time, who we spend our time with, and how we allow certain situations to affect us. Being grounded in God helps to guide and prepare us for this adventure called life. More Than Athletes is a Christian based organization that believes the values of the Bible. We believe that these guidelines provide a great guidepost for all our lives but there is a great problem.

One of the problems would be the sports that we are promoting. Tournaments are Sunday mornings. Practices are Wednesday nights. Families are busy. We are going into so many directions that God just does not make the list. Oh sure, we believe in God or understand the basic importance of faith, but we don’t have time to spend time with God. More Than Athletes has a plan. That plan will involve options for coaches, parents, and players to utilize the curriculum. I do want to emphasize that we are not going to force God on anyone. But like all the other stuff our kids hear in our society, they can choose how they process a coach praying, or a Bible verse on Instagram, or hearing a coach talk about God’s plan for your life. What I have found is that God provides direction and clarity in a morally chaotic world and we all have the choice how we decide to live our lives.

We want the athletes to know that their achievements on the court is not the entire life picture. Their relationship with God and allowing God to impact them is what it is about. God effects how we forgive others, why we love others, and the impact of God’s grace for us. We are not perfect people, coaches, or parents. When a young person understands the power of God’s love for them, it changes them. We are taking responsibility to bring that light to a dark world. We are imperfect people but with a perfect God in the center, great things can happen.


I must be honest; this aspect of our organization excites me. I know how God can change lives and impact all of us. I look forward to our adult Bible studies. I look forward to being able to mentor our coaches and show them the impact that they can have on others when they put God first. I know in our society today, we believe that God belongs in a cute little box in the corner of our lives. We don’t want to offend or bother anyone. I honestly don’t want to offend anyone but I do want to allow God to take part in the card game of life. Right now, His seat is on the waiting list. We have an open chair.